Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to join KEST?

Application forms are available at the KEST Center. Please make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for the program you are applying for.

How long does the application process take?

As soon as the KEST Admissions Office receives and approves all your application documents you will be notified. This takes between 2 weeks to one month depending on the complexity of the documents submitted. It is advisable that one applies at least 2 months before the opening of the academic semester.

How many intakes are there in an academic year?

There are two intakes in an academic year. The first semester opens in August while the second Semester opens in February. Please contact us for the specific opening dates of each particular semester.

It is possible to join any of the KEST programs in any semester?

Yes, you can join in any of the academic semesters.

How many programs does KEST offer?

KEST offers formal programs in Pastoral Studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Ministry, and Mission and Intercultural Studies at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels.

Does KEST offer any short courses?

Yes, KEST offers a number of non-formal short courses like: The Bible Exposition Conference, Premarital and Marital Counseling, Training in Children Ministry, Parenting Seminars and many others. The dates for the training are announced regularly through our website and other media outlets.

Are the KEST certificates, diplomas and degrees transferable to any other institution?

KEST is licensed by Uganda’s National Council for Higher Education, and the KEST degree programs are affiliated to Ndejje University. This means that all our programs are credible.

Is it possible for me to transfer credits from another Bible College?

Yes, once one has been admitted, it is possible for one to transfer a minimum number of credits from an accredited Bible College. Please contact the Academic Dean’s office for more information.

What are the delivery modes available for the KEST programs?

At KEST we are striving to make our programs available to as many different categories of students as possible. Currently we have a full-time [day time] and evening modes of delivery at the KEST main campus. Other modes of delivery will be announced as soon as they are in place.