Evangelical: We are committed to Scripture, and the defense and growth of historic, biblical Christianity, as set out in the KEST statement of faith / Lausanne Covenant of 1974.


Non-denominational: We are committed to serve a broad-based evangelical constituency through partnership with evangelical churches and organizations, and other organizations with similar values.


Integration & Holism: We are committed to integrating faith and life, theory and practice; and to holistic education that informs heads, hearts and hands (practical skills).  Our goal is to produce critically reflective, life-long learners who are able to apply knowledge and skills in real life situations.



African: We are committed to contextualizing the gospel and biblical truths to African realities.  Our goal is two-fold:


  • To develop a world view that is both authentically Christian and African
  • For this worldview to be a catalyst for the development of a distinctively Christian and African lifestyle and culture.


Excellence: We are committed to excellence as the hallmark of our program in 3 primary areas:


  • Academic Matters: To encourage the development of critical faculties and the production of work of the highest academic caliber to the glory of God.
  • Spiritual Formation: To encourage the cultivation and nurture of genuine biblical spirituality reflected in sincere love, humility and a servant disposition.
  • Skills Development: To facilitate the development of qualities, skills, and technical competencies appropriate to the respective areas of calling to ensure excellence in the execution of tasks and services within the Church and in society.